How to Reset Hamraaz Password? Know the Complete process.

How to Reset Hamraaz Password? Know the Complete process.

Hamraaz Forgot Password

How to Reset Hamraaz Password hamraaz Forgot Password How To Make New Hum Password If You Forgot Hamraaz App is a mobile application that gives you complete details designed only for young soldiers. This application is used to get all information related to payment and download pay slips etc. We can get all the necessary information about our salary online overnight. Soldiers can download their base slip form 16 whenever they want. This app provides easy information about official work to army personnel.

Currently, this app button is updated to 7. 2 And it also includes all the features related to 24 names of soldiers. The Ministry of Information and Technology has relaunched this app jointly with the technical team of the Government and Indian Army Adjustment Generals Branch MP8. Who has appreciated the work done by Indian soldiers and told Indians how they can make their work easier through this app provides complete details to you.

Hamraaz Password Reset

Now we have told you all the features of the Hamraaz App Download , soldiers can get various services through this app but for that, they had to go to Play Store to download this app. But this is not the case anymore, it is not downloaded but a personal login is required. The Hamraaz App version is available on the official website of Humrise so that soldiers can access it on their mobile while sitting at home. That is, Indian Army Soldiers who do not have the service of Hamraaz App can use login and there are two other sources, all the services can be enjoyed from both the Hamraaz app and its web version. So we Indian army was earlier provided facilities through this app but now they have to log in this app people can use app website for and in the website you have log in in your name.

And password must be entered It often happens that we forget our password etc. To reset it again, in such a situation, we will reset the login password of the app in this post. Full details about how to reset the Hamraz app login password and how to reset the password are shared with you.

Hamraaz Password Reset Highlight

Various types of facilities can be availed by logging into Hamraaz App. The brief information of this app is as follows –

पोस्ट का नामहमराज ऐप पासवर्ड रीसेट
लाभार्थीभारतीय सेना के जवान
कहां से रीसेट होगाहमराज ऐप के वेब पोर्टल पर
रिक्वायरमेंटएंड्रायड वर्जन
लॉन्च किया गयाइलेक्ट्रॉनिक और सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी मंत्रालय और भारतीय सेना के एडजुटेंट जनरल्स ब्रांच (MP-8)) की तकनीकी टीम के द्वारा
उद्देश्यभारतीय सेना के जवानों को उनकी सैलरी और सरकारी कार्यों से संबंधित जानकारी उपलब्ध कराने के लिए
ऑफिशियल वेबसाइट

How to use Hamraj App?

We can get various Indian army services through Humraj app, soldiers who are in India can download payslips, and form 16, and submit application-related information.

All official work related to their sector is made easy but for this first, they have to download this app or sign up enter their user name and password also enter their account number in it. Then one can access all the information of their facilities with personal login only when they want

Hamraaz Password Reset

If the Indian army forgets its login password then it is easy to reset it if you want to reset it then it can be done on the portal of the Hamraaz app Forgot password Hamraaz App password reset to reset One has to go through some necessary steps and answer a security question after which a new password is reset

How to Reset Hamraaz Password? Know the Complete process.
  • To reset the Hamraaz app password you have to go to the official personal website of the Hamraaz app
  • On the personal login page, you will see the option of login, in this, you will see the option of forget password below the login details, you have to click on it.
  • It will take you to a new page where you will be asked to enter your PAN card number.
  • Then one of the images below will contain the code keep it in mind and enter the image code exactly right there then click on submit option
  • After that, another page will open in front of you and it will ask your security question
  • This will be the correct question that you selected when you signed up. Answer this question correctly
  • After that, if you remember the security questions, then click on the option of Try and Elsewhere, after that, choose one of the options that you think is correct.
  • You are about to reset your password to illustrate this is very important for password security.

How to create Hamraj password?

Our Khufiya Password If you want an up effect, you too can remember the password in a unique and easy way. With the help of this password, people can log in to the Hamraaz Army Hamraaz portal or hamraaz app.

So without a password, you can’t avail of any service of Hamraaz it is impossible if you are in the Indian Army so keep in mind that you have to choose a password that you can easily remember. If you forget your password, you won’t need to reset your password easily.

  • First, you have to choose the capital letters
  • After that you have to select lowercase characters in the password
  • At least two to three numbers are to be chosen in the password
  • Then choose a special character such as dollar or another special character

Ways to remember Hamraj password

When you create a strong password and want to keep it with you all the time, you can use this method every time you log into an application. Like if we put a password in secret then a popup message will appear on the screen that has the option to save a password if you do so then your password is saved. You don’t need to enter the password every time after logging in, you will log in and click, then the password will be generated automatically and you will be logged in if you want.

Keep it safe with you so you can write it down so you don’t forget the password if you want to remember it So can send up to email or save in draft

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