Hamraaz Form 16 Download Process to download Form 2024

Hamraaz Form 16 Download Process to download Form 2024

Hamraaz Form

The Indian Army made a mobile app called Hamraaz. It’s made by the AG Branch’s tech team. This app gives lots of useful stuff to soldiers who are working right now. It has things like personal info, pay details, tax forms, leave rules, and news about the army.

Soldiers can access and get their Form 16 from the Hamraaz website. Even though it’s easy to do, some soldiers still find it hard. Here, we’ll help our soldier friends who are having trouble with this. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know. Pay attention till the end.

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Hamraaz Form – 16 Download

If you’re a soldier in the Indian Army and want to get your Hamraj Form-16, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the Hamraaz website at https://web.hamraazmp8.gov.in/.
  2. Then, click on the option that says “personal login.”
Hamraaz Form 16 Download Process to download Form 2024

Following that, you use your login and password to log in.

Hamraaz Form 16 Download Process to download Form 2024

You will now see a menu option; select it, then select “Payslip / Form 16” from the drop-down menu.
A new page will now appear in front of you with the option to access Hamraaz Form-16 underneath PaySlip.

Choose the year you want Form 16 for here in the box, and then click the download option.
The Hamraaz Form 16 will download to your device when you have correctly followed the preceding instructions. In addition, you can obtain your pay stub from this page if you so want.

Hamraaz Form 16 Download Process to download Form 2024

What is Form-16?

An annual certificate of TDS (Tax Deduction At Source), or Form 16 / 16 A, is given to the soldier by the military department. This allows the soldier to see how much money was taken out of their paycheck during the previous fiscal year as money tax. In this case, the soldier may file his deducted amount in the income tax return if he does not fall under the most recent income tax bracket. can return it by acting.

“Hamraaz Form” is a document that people use. It’s often used in India by soldiers or people in the military. It helps them keep track of important information like their salary, leave, and other benefits. It’s like a special paper they fill out to make sure everything is correct and in order.

Benefits Of Hamraaz Army Web

Pension Stuff: If you’re in the military, it’s important to think ahead about your retirement. You can find information about your pension online. It helps you understand what benefits you’ll get after you retire and how to secure your financial future.

Insurance Info: The website also has details about your insurance as a military member. It makes sure you know what your insurance covers.

Training and Classes: The site lists lots of training courses to help you develop new skills. Military members can join these programs to get better at their jobs.

Digital Document Storage: Keeping your papers organized is crucial in today’s military. You can upload and store important documents on Hamraaz Web, so you won’t lose them.

How Does The Hamraaz App Login Work?

At Hamraaz, they use a great and safe method. They connect your Aadhaar card to the Hamraaz feature. They check if your Aadhaar details match with the army records. Then, soldiers can receive a code on their phone.

The most important thing for using the Hamraaz app is to have your current phone number linked to your Aadhaar card.

The app does many things:

  • Keeps your payment details safe.
  • Helps organizations know about funding for patients.
  • Gives details about pensions.
  • Sends notifications about news and politics.
  • Lets you check the government’s answers to your questions.
  • It’s free to use and very secure.

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